CVault Twist Stainless Steel Container With Boveda Humidity Pack - Extra Small

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CVault Twist Extra Small containers are the ultimate humidity-controlled storage system. Combining the air-tight CVault with the humidity pack creates the perfect holding environment for your products. The CVault maintains the ideal relative humidity, without losing or gaining any moisture, protecting and prolonging its usable lifespan and ensuring that your products remain as fresh and flavourful as the day you stored them away. Using patented 2-way humidity control technology, the Boveda humidity pack eliminates naturally occurring humidity spikes and regulates the conditions inside the container, preventing your herbs from losing any potency from the evaporation of oils or other active ingredients. The components of the Boveda humidity pack are natural elements: salt and pure water. There are no chemicals used within and all ingredients are food grade approved.

Twist to open and twist to lock

  • CVault Twist X-Small Personal CVault Curing Storage Container - 3.2cm x 8.5cm | (Includes One 8g Boveda® humidity pack)