Fibonacci 62mm 4 Part Premium Metal Grinder - Neon Yellow

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Introducing the Fibonacci A1 Compact Yellow.

A golden yellow anodized luster over aluminum. Classy and bold color combination.

Featuring a super high precision engineered 4 piece grinder. That comprises of 8x individual CNC aluminum components that connect modularly with 22x high strength neodymium magnets. Utilizing exotic materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. It takes passion, time and patience to make the Fibonacci Compact. 

Truly innovative, with radically different glide out side storage tray. Break the magnetic connection to separates from grinder chassis. The light weight storage tray can be moved and positioned close to your vape devise, pipe or rolling paper. Ergonomic at its core! 

The Fibonacci Compact herb grinder. The perfect balance of function and aesthetics!