The Terpometer Dab Thermometer

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The Terpometer is the first thermometer specifically designed for dabbing; the team was tired of the inconsistent, inaccurate readings provided by infrared thermometers as they don't make direct contact with the banger, which led them to come up with the idea of the Terpometer. The Terpometer truly is the ultimate way to achieve the best temp to dab. 

Precise real-time temp readings 

The Terpometer leaves timers and guessing games as a hallmark of the past by giving precise real-time readings on the LCD screen. The temps are available in Celcius or Fahrenheit, and switching the measurements is instigated by holding down the button for 3 seconds. The screen features their patented RGB(red, green, blue) technology, making it super simple to dial in your optimum dabbing temps. The screen will show as green when the temps are above 540 degrees and below 600, suggesting what is in their opinion, the ultimate temp range for the best terps, effects & relative vapour production. As the team likes to say, green means go! The Terpometer is the only way to get consistent dab temperatures and hits on your dabbing surfaces, whether quartz, titanium, synthetic ruby, or advanced ceramics making dialling in your temps a breeze. 

How to use

To use The Terpometer, simply place the sensor face down inside the banger and let it rest gently without pushing with force on the banger. Then wait for the numbers on the screen to stop rising and either let it cool until it gets to your ideal temp, take your dab at the current temp or heat it further. If you are using a slurper or blender as your nail, you can use The Terpometer effectively by taking the temperature on the side of the middle cylinder and the bottom of the banger. As The Terpometer makes direct contact with the quartz banger, you really can't get more precise readings.

The battery life is incredible for such a small device, with most users reporting months of use before there is a need to charge it up; this is no doubt helped by the auto shut off feature when no large variations in temperature have been recognised for 3 minutes. Booting the device up or turning it off is induced by pressing the button three times in quick succession. The Terpometer also has a handy dabbing tool on the other side, making dabbing as easy of an experience as it should be so you can get the best dab temp every single time!